Preface to the book    ABC of the MAYA


First of all it is necessary to say that the "MAYA" were not a single tribe and not a town, but a cultural community in all America.

The natives never called themselves "MAYA". They warned the conquerors of Yucatan by calling “MAYA” and that meant:                  “Beware of our toxic gas!"    (= may yaah Oran).

But the Spaniards did not understand the warning of the natives.

They understood:                      “We are the MAYA (people) of ORAN“.


For that reason great parts of the population of Central America are called “MAYA” today.

The natives used poison (= orán) in three different ways:

a)          In previous times MAYAN cities were defended successfully with arsenic smoke.

b)          With mercury they protected their tombs against thieves.

c)          Even today there exists a secret poison that you don’t notice and that kills you in 4 weeks without warning.

This important "Indio culture" vanished just before the arrival of Christopher Columbus (1492 A.D.)

(the term "Indio" is misleading, but it is used today for "American natives” worldwide).

The Spaniards destroyed the still existing remains: burned books, destroyed temples, and murdered priests and everyone who did not become a Christian.

But most inhabitants died – even if it sounds unbelievable- of the sniffles and influenza and other introduced illnesses from Europe: like measles, smallpox, cholera, plague, syphilis, because the natives had no antibodies against them.

For 150 years science tries to reconstruct the time before the conquest with the help of terracotta pieces in the old wells, sediments, in the ruins of the ceremonial cities and the few still existing documents

Dresden Codex in Yucatéc - MAYAN (Dresden)

Codex Peresianus in Yucatéc - MAYAN (Paris)

Codex Tro-Cortesiano in Yucatéc - MAYAN (Madrid)

Codex Natall in Mixtec - MAYAN (Oxford)

Codex Vindobonensis in Mixtec - MAYAN (Vienna)

The different MAYAN calendars are one of the last great secrets.

There were several attempts to decipher them and to compare them with our calendar, but unfortunately with incomplete and contradicting results.

My main cause was to solve these problems. And today all the calendars are deciphered  

The results are shown in the 2nd part of my book. They are going to contribute to understand MAYAn history.

The data of MAYA are historical facts. Dates exist of many events in America back until about 2000 B.C.

This statement is an absolute novelty, which might not only interest the inhabitants of Yucatán, but the whole educated world. Also Sioux, Hoka, Hopi, Zunji, Algonquin, Apaches, Iroquois and other Indian tribes belong to the MAYA culture.

Translated data of three MAYAN calendars appear in part II of this book - ordered chronologically – together with other new details.

The history of the Americas before Columbus contains so many surprises that many books should be written on the different aspects. –

Two facts in history have impressed me:

(A)        Vikings discovered Mesoamerica in 754 A.D. and dominated it for a long time.

(B)        The first capital of America was "polis ATLANtis" as described by Plato.

Only through active support of still living descendants of the original inhabitants, it was possible to find the gold city of Plato.

The two "by-products" exceed the aims, I had set myself, by far; they inevitably became the focus of the present book.

I am aware that this book must necessarily address different fields of science and that it provides a wideranging knowledge. e.g. in the area of mathematics, the MAYA mathematics, the MAYAn calendars, European and American history and prehistory, archaeology, etymology and ethnology, astronomy, chemistry, geophysics and geology, the linguistics and particularly on the area of the MAYA research and the study of the Viking - culture.

In this respect I would like to ask the experts of the different subjects for patience, when I mention facts which seem to be superfluous, but which a normal reader cannot be expected to know.


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