The MAYA calendar “KINIL”



The MAYA name of the calendar   “KINIL”


“KINIL” means “humankind”. "KINIL" is America's oldest calendar.

It is not a secret calendar, not a Sun-Moon calendar.

The human being was at the center of this calendar.


The Aztec named it “Calendar of the 13-units”.

This assessment is perhaps based on the facts

that the largest unit "KINIL" (47,320 years) consists of 13 single units of 3,640 years each (= 13 x 3640 years = 47,320 years) and, that 13 pregnancies (of 280 days each) are exactly 10 years (= 13 x 280 days = 3640 days = 10 years 364 days).


The MAYA named it in their tradition "Calendar of the creation story",

"Calendar of ATLAN" and "Calendar of humanity".


This MAYA - calendar consists of 6-levels. The digits are available on 6 levels one above the other stacked like on a stepladder:

The largest unit is on the top, the smallest unit at the lowest level.

Some interpreters viewed it even as a typo of the 5-level "KUL calendar".

The reason for this confusion is likely that both calendars use the same symbols.


The founding date of America’s first capital ATLAN (recorded in the Dresden Codex  p. 62) is the 19th of February 12 900 BC (=