The golden plates of



More than 2000 authors have written 25.000 books about Atlantis and searched it in more than 200 different places. But there exists only one finder: Joachim Rittstieg, Germany.


He wrote a book after 30 years of investigation: “ABC  of  MAYA“ (=“Atlan Became Capital of MAYA“, a chronology of the ancient American history before Columbus, based on a new deciphering of the Mayan calendars).


Lucky circumstances helped him to find this oldest Capital of America: ATLAN.

He recognized that Plato wrote about the same city and called it: “polis ATLANtis“.

Rittstieg is the first who translated all the ancient Greek measurements. All the details are conforming to our modern geography.


MAYA glyphs in the Dresden Codex and in Palenque tell us when this city was founded (12 900 BC) and when it vanished (sank into the Lake Izabal in Guatemala): 30th of Oct.  666 BC.


Even the Icelandic sagas  ”EDDA” tells about the catastrophe (= Ragnarök of Asgard), and that the golden plates were found again on the Idafeld: That happened in 759 AD.


The twins Max and Kim Kukulcan kept the 2 156 golden plates of law in their new castle, and all their successors protected them until the island, city and castle sank again: ”That happened on the 14th of Sep. 1224 AD in a great catastrophe together with a solar eclipse”, write the Mayan chronologists.

Modern astronomers reconfirm the date, even the time: 14:39 to 15:03 h.


The island was found under 10 m of mud by the American research vessel “MS Petty Ray“ (Sonar technique) and the position of the ruins and the golden plates by the US NAVY of Norfolk / Florida.


Beyond that Rittstieg found Plato’s “rectangular mountains“, the “Canal“, the “hot fountain“ and the trace of the ancient “bridge“ and even the material of “Oreichalcos“: NiAs2Cu2.


His most exiting result of translation was that Plato’s continent ATLAN behind the island groups BORA (= Canaries) and HYPERBORA (= Antilles) is 40 000 km2 large. This description of Plato differs only 10 % of what we know nowadays (South -, Middle - and North America).